We Are Eager to Adopt a Child!

Age: 39 but looks 25

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Color: Blue & Green

Language Spoken: English, Italian, Portuguese

Favorite Place: Sicily

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings - All of them!

Occupation: Business Owner

Religion: Catholic

TV Show: Vikings

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Summer/Fall

Hobbies: Shoe shopping, bike riding, love to dance, cooking, beach, did I mention shoes !?!

Age: 42 but looks 42

Favorite Food: Rice, beans, steak

Favorite Color: Blue

Language Spoken: English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Favorite Place: My home

Favorite Book: The Little Prince - Saint-Exupery

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Religion: Episcopal

TV Show: Grey's Anatomy, Bob's Burger

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Spring/Fall

Hobbies: Panting, Salt Water Aquarium, bike riding, cooking, beach.

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