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    I was born in Sicily - Italy. I have an older  brother and sister. I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Sicily. Played a lot outside with my friends. My dad had a vineyard and I used to help him with the harvest. We also owned few horses, which I loved and enjoyed riding. 

    I was 9 years old when my family moved to USA. It was a big adjustment for me. But I have always had the support of my immediate and extended family. Growing up with a large extended Italian  family, I have always dreamed of building a family of my own.

 Fast forward 30 years: I am a business owner, Master Stylist/Colorist and an Educator. I love what I do. I am Married to a great guy, whom i love unconditionally. We have a beautiful relationship. He once told me "You are the kite and I am the string in our marriage. You cannot fly without me, and I would be only a string on the ground without you".

   On the same principles of unconditional love, we are hoping to adopt your baby, we guarantee your child will be brought up in a loving, kind, family oriented household. And he/she will always have a great sense of fashion and style!! :)

                                                      - Salvatore

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